Tim Welvaars: your personalmusic trainer
Tim Welvaars: your personal music trainer
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Tim Welvaars: your personal music trainer'

Company trip / Congress event: ‘Together in Music’

Company trip / Congress event: ‘Together in Music’

Playfully achieving a satisfactory musical result, together!

Ideal as your company trip or congress event

Never played an instrument before? No problem!

Playing harmoniously together requires a lot of teamwork. Listening well to each other, giving each other space and stepping forward into your role.

‘Together in Music’ is a musical event where you learn to play new melodies on a harmonica (bluesharp), step by step. Together as a group. Under his professional guidance Tim will make sure that the group easily achieves a satisfactory musical result in which full harmony is the ultimate goal.

This event can be organized on a location of your choice. Participants don't need to have a musical background to follow this event. The event is suitable for 10 to 300 participants. Tim could arrange for the amount of bluesharps needed. Also you can choose to have a backing band to make playing together a more lively experience.

Do you want to book the ‘Together in Music’ event for your company? Or you have some questions? Call Tim Welvaars (+31 6-53 26 65 84).