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Tim Welvaars: your personal music trainer
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On this page you find 48 separate Bossa tunes/lessons of all 4 Levels. You can buy these for € 1 each. Per tune/lesson you receive:

  • 1 PDF file of the sheet music in C, Eb and Bb
  • 1 MP4 video of the tune with instructions.

Do you want to buy all Bossa tunes/lessons at once? Then choose a Package deal and save 20% on the price.

The separate tunes/lessons here below are numbered in ascending order, but the Levels are mixed. If you want to see all lessons per Level, then click on 'Choose Level in Bossa' below.

☰ Choose Level in Bossa

In all videos you see Tim play the tune/lesson on a chromatic harmonica. But of course you can play your own instrument, instead of the harmonica. The sheet music of all lessons is written in C, Eb and Bb, so it can be played on most keyboards, wind, string and melodic percussion instruments. Click here for the list of instruments. Click here for more info on the 4 Levels.

  • You pay € 1 for each tune/lesson.
    • Per tune/lesson you receive:
      • 1 PDF file with the sheet music in C, Eb and Bb
      • 1 MP4 video of the tune with instructions
    • Minimum order quantity of 5 lessons (€ 5) per order.
  • Package deal 'All of Bossa’ contains all 48 tunes/lessons (€ 48 value). With this Package deal you save 20% on the regular price, when you would buy all tunes separately.
  • Do you want to buy a separate tune/lesson or a Package deal?
    • click on 'add to cart' next to the desired product. Then go to 'continue shopping' or 'check out'.
  • Do you first like to know more about the tune(s)/lesson(s) you are interested in?
    • click on the tune/lesson to see a further explanation and watch the instruction video (that you will also receive as an MP4 file after buying). From here you can add the tune/lesson to your cart.
  • After check out & payment you receive a confirmation per email with a download link to your tunes/lessons.